Standing Partner Acrobatics

Standing Hand-to-Hand
A standing H2H
A two-high

Sundays, 17-18:30 Uhr in Humboldthain
18€ per class / 50€ per 4 classes

Our classes in standing acro (-yoga/-batics) are designed to take participants from zero to hero over the course of a few weeks. Each series of weekly classes will focus on a specific standing skill, with each class becoming progressively more advanced. This is to allow total beginners to join, while also teaching new skills for those with some previous knowledge already.

As each class will build upon the skills learned in the previous class(es), we generally recommend people to attend all classes within each series. However, we understand not everyone has the time or need to do so and thus you are welcome to join any single class. Beginners in a particular skill should take at least the first class in a series before trying any of the later classes.

Upcoming Schedule

*Schedule is subject to change based on the level and wishes of the participants.

18 JULY: Hand-to-hand (1/5) – Fundamentals and techniques for base, flyer and spotter in H2H. We will work on our handstands, the correct grip, L-basing H2H and getting fit for standing H2H. This class is suitable for total beginners to H2H.

25 JULY: Hand-to-hand (2/5) – Further exploration of L-basing H2H, with different exercises for base and flyer. We will also practice bailout techniques and get acquainted with going high upside-down. Flyers should be able to hold a 10-second handstand against a wall and be comfortable in two-high. Bases should have experience in foot-to-hand (L-basing) and two-high.

30 JULY: Hand-to-hand (3/5) – We go high! In addition to standing H2H, we will also play with other standing inversion poses, such as bicep stand, handstand on shoulders, etc. Must have experience in L-basing H2H (flying or basing) and two-high.

8 AUGUST: Hand-to-hand (4/5) – After getting comfortable with the cathedral entry into standing H2H, we work on tempo jumps into H2H. Must have experience in L-basing H2H (flying or basing) and two-high.

15/22/29 AUGUST: Hand-to-hand (5/5) – More practice with cathedral and jumping into H2H from shoulders. Perhaps other fun entries. Must have experience in L-basing H2H (flying or basing) and two-high.

Previous Classes

4 July: Two-High (1/2) – Fundamentals and techniques for base, flyer and spotter in two-high, working our way up to standing on the shoulders.

11 July: Two-High (2/2) – Tricks and skills in two-high. Entries and exits. Previous experience basing and/or flying two-high recommended.


How does the class series work?

We will announce the upcoming schedule 1-2 weeks with information about what each class will specifically cover. Any pre-reqs will be clearly stated. It is not required to attend all of the classes within a series, although we recommend that beginners in a particular skill come to the first class in each series and then progress with the next classes as appropriate.

If you purchase a 4-class package and don’t use all the credits for a particular series, you are welcome to use the credits for classes in another series.

If you believe you meet the prerequisites stated for the class you wish to attend, then of course! We are happy to have you.

If you are not sure, please get in touch. If necessary, the instructors may be able to offer a crash course before the class to review what you’ve missed.

Otherwise, keep practicing and check back here to see when and what the next class series will be. If there is a particular skill you’d like to learn, don’t hesitate to let us know.

We’re not going to lie: Standing acro is risky by nature because the flyer has a greater distance to fall, and the base also needs good technique to avoid injury. That being said, our classes will always put safety first, ensuring that the correct tactics are being taught and everyone understands the importance of good spotting before proceeding. This is also why we opted for the series structure, so that everyone has time to develop the necessary skills before moving onto something more advanced.

Please also note that the instructors have discretion to exclude participants from a class if a lack of experience might compromise anyone’s safety.

You do not need any previous experience in acroyoga or acrobatics to start standing acroyoga or standing partner acrobatics. It certainly helps to have background knowledge, but actually all you need is some courage and willingness to learn something new.

While strength helps, it is actually technique that enables flyers to be lifted. And everyone can learn technique!

We can’t promise to help you overcome your fear of heights, but we will do drills and exercises that will help bases and spotters earn the flyer’s trust. Ultimately, it is up to every person to set their own boundaries, and these boundaries we will always respect.

Absolutely not! While acroyoga is a partner sport and you will be practicing in groups, you do not need to come with a partner. In fact, we encourage participants to mix and mingle to help gain a deeper understanding of how their own bodies and other people’s bodies work.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can move in (regular sports clothes will do just fine). Since we are outdoors, bring water and a towel if you tend to get sweaty, as well as a yoga mat or blanket if you have one. Most importantly, have an open attitude and be ready to play!

In terms of etiquette, please keep in mind that acroyoga is a close contact activity. It would be considerate of others to be mindful of your personal hygiene before coming to class.

Please also observe our general studio rules.

Please note this class takes place outdoor in Volkspark Humboldthain (52.545074, 13.385296). In case of rain or cold weather, it will be moved indoor to the studio. If we need to cancel a class, we will do our best to timely inform you. Join our WhatsApp group to ensure you receive such notices (simply write us to be added).

These classes are further subject to the same terms and conditions as our regular studio classes.