Dance Classes

Afro Fusion & Dancehall

Afro fusion dance is a full-body expression of movements blending together different dance cultures across Africa, from traditional and folk to urban. Similarly, dancehall was developed from traditional Jamaican dances to match the fast-paced and exciting nature of dancehall music appearing in the 1970s. This class teaches the basic movements and steps within these two styles and aims to help you develop mobility, coordination and a sense of rhythm. Above all, it is a celebration of these cultures and a chance to explore the beauty of these styles.

Wednesdays | 17:45-19:00 | Neukölln with Cate.

Dance Acrobatics

When the two universes of dance and acrobatics merge, magic happens. The fascination of never ending inversions, the indescribable sensation of continuous momentum and the brain-related growth of learning new movement patterns are reason enough to go experience dance acrobatics. Surprise yourself by learning movements that you thought you would never be able to do, enrich your movement vocabulary and experience the connection of strength, flexibility, and coordination all at once.

Wednesdays | 20:15-21:15 | Neukölln with Lukas. Auch auf Deutsch.
Saturdays | 11:15-12:15 | Neukölln with Fabian O. Auch auf Deutsch.

Commercial Dance

Our commercial dance class is the ultimate place to elevate your dance style! Dive into this vibrant world and explore diverse styles like urban dance, street jazz, and hip-hop fusion, focusing on creativity, diversity, and expressiveness. This class will help you develop choreography skills for unique and impressive dance sequences, as well as enhance expressiveness, conveying emotions through movement and showcasing your personality on the dance floor. Join us and discover the dynamic realm of commercial dance!

Mondays | 20:15-21:30 | Neukölln with Fabian G. Auch auf Deutsch.

Contemporary Dance

This class is about combining play, perception, improvisation and choreographic material. Explore different elements in floorwork, jumps, turns and their connection with the space, the floor that carries us, the other dancers and their energies. First, through various exercises, an awareness of body and space is created. This leads to further technical exercises, whereby everyone explores technique with the possibilities of their body. Afterward, creative tasks, improvisations and games lead to choreography, thereby the essence and the expression of the combination is worked on. It is about expanding the senses with ease and developing a collective consciousness.

Mondays | 17:45-18:45 | Neukölln with Elizaveta. Beginners.
Tuesdays | 11:00-12:00 | Wedding with Leila. Contemporary & Improvisation. Auch auf Deutsch.
Tuesdays | 18:00-19:00 | Wedding with Elizaveta. Beginners.
Tuesdays | 19:00-20:00 | Neukölln with Paola. Intermediate.
Fridays | 16:30-17:30 | Neukölln with Semiramis. Beginners.
Saturdays | 12:00-13:15 | Wedding with Elizaveta. Open Level.

Floor Acrobatics & Dance Jam

This weekly jam is aimed at bridging the gap between the dance and acrobatics worlds, bringing together dancers and acrobats. We believe that both can learn a lot from each other, and move toward a more interdisciplinary understanding of pathways, fluidity, physics, and momentum.

Sundays | 18:00-21:00 | Neukölln with Fabian O & Lele. Auch auf Deutsch.


In this class you will learn to use the body parts independently, different dynamics and textures while improvising. We propose playful exercises to learn how to combine the individual movement practice with composing instantly as a group, to invoke an immediate sensation of togetherness and excitement for the creation in the moment.

Tuesdays | 11:00-12:00 | Wedding with Leila. Contemporary & Improvisation. Auch auf Deutsch.

Modern Dance

Modern dance lets go of the restrictions of classical ballet and focuses on free interpretations derived from inner emotions. In this class, we explore both the “prison” of technique and the freedom of dance, the details that bring quality and pure joy of dance. There will be exercises on the floor as well as standing, before finishing with a set choreography to a chosen piece of music. We also explore the tools of choreography, so from time to time we create a piece together.

Mondays | 19:00-20:00 | Neukölln with Magdalena.