Dance Classes

Contemporary Dance

This class is about combining play, perception, improvisation and choreographic material. Explore different elements in floorwork, jumps, turns and their connection with the space, the floor that carries us, the other dancers and their energies. First, through various exercises, an awareness of body and space is created. This leads to further technical exercises, whereby everyone explores technique with the possibilities of their body. Afterward, creative tasks, improvisations and games lead to choreography, thereby the essence and the expression of the combination is worked on. It is about expanding the senses with ease and developing a collective consciousness.

Mondays | 20:15-21:15 | Neukölln with Andrea. Open Level.
Tuesdays | 18:00-19:00 | Wedding with Elizaveta. Beginners.
Tuesdays | 19:15-20:15 | Neukölln with Paola. All Levels.
Wednesdays | 18:30-20:00 | Neukölln with Sarah. Beginners.


Classes will be based on movement improvisation and experimentation, developed through the guidelines given by the facilitator. Through movement experimentation, a relationship is built between the body and the space, surrounding objects, sounds/music, and other bodies. Continuity will be maintained by the constant of playfulness. Participants will be invited to find curiosity for open experimentation, assuming and accepting that there is no goal to pursue. The facilitator will distantly and in the most noninfluential way guide the participants through their exploration, leaving them the freedom to give their own interpretation to guidelines.

Tuesdays | 20:30-21:30 | Neukölln with Paola.

Free Dance & Movement

Movement and dance has as many shapes as human beings on this planet. We want to experiment with different patterns, concepts and ideas to expand our current movement vocabulary and find joy and pleasure within our own body. During the Lab, teachers will give various inputs that are influenced by: dance improvisation, floorwork, authentic movement, pantomime and clowning, contact improv, somatics, gaga, 5 rhythm…just to name some. The Playground follows, where you are free to research and experiment with your own and with other bodies. We open the space with a warm-up and then let you play supported by different music sets.

Fridays | 18:45-20:00 (Lab) | Neukölln with Silvana & Sarah. Auch auf Deutsch.
Fridays | 20:00-22:00 (Playground) | Neukölln with Silvana & Sarah. Auch auf Deutsch.

Acro Dance

When the two universes of dance and acrobatics merge, magic happens. The fascination of never ending inversions, the indescribable sensation of continuous momentum and the brain-related growth of learning new movement patterns are reason enough to go experience dance acrobatics. Surprise yourself by learning movements that you thought you would never be able to do, enrich your movement vocabulary and experience the connection of strength, flexibility, and coordination all at once.

Saturdays | 11:15-12:15 | Neukölln with Fabian. Auch auf Deutsch.

Floor Acrobatics & Dance Jam

This weekly jam is aimed at bridging the gap between the dance and acrobatics worlds, bringing together dancers and acrobats. We believe that both can learn a lot from each other, and move toward a more interdisciplinary understanding of pathways, fluidity, physics, and momentum.

Sundays | 18:00-21:00 | Neukölln with Fabian & Lele. Auch auf Deutsch.