Our Team



Don’t be afraid to fail, otherwise you don’t learn anything new in life. Patrick is a life-long learner who is always trying new things. In the past he has been a climbing guide, kayak, canoe and rafting guide, outdoor guide, German teacher, and yoga teacher. He is now focusing on acroyoga and helping other people to feel the same passion he feels when he is flying people.



Johanna discovered acroyoga by accident during a handstand workshop and was immediately drawn to the playful energy created among total strangers. A former child gymnast, she was also thrilled for a chance to fly through the air again. Since then, she has enjoyed discovering new limits for herself – and the thrill of helping other people do the same.



A professional dancer educated at Iwanson International School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, Marcelina started dancing when she was 8 as a hobby. Since graduation, she has been traveling and learning different contemporary dance and improvisation styles, as well as creating her own work. From Poland, she is currently a freelancer based in Berlin.



In her movement practice, Katharina combines elements from vinyasa yoga with more open movements and yoga-therapeutic aspects. She calls this “yoga out of the box”. Katharina wants to support you in exploring your own physical and mental body, your movements and possibilities, so that you find your own flow – from the mat into daily life. As a movement and meditation instructor in Berlin, she also hosts retreats, and gives 1:1 sessions.



Leila is a freelance dancer based in Berlin. During her training she has focused on improvisation, acting and partnering. In addition to her professional studies, Leila has attended international teacher workshops every year to keep in constant training, and in 2018, she was certified as a yoga teacher in Rishikesh, India. Leila is currently a performer for Sasa Queliz, member of Sasha Waltz & Guests, as well as investigating her own piece, “because death was only death”.



Gilbert began yoga six years ago in Hong Kong, where he worked as a derivatives trader for more than 20 years. Despite never playing any sport before and only having a desk job, he found that through a regular yoga practice he has been able to achieve many difficult asanas, from splits to handstands to wheel. Gilbert mainly teaches multi-level classes in gyms and studios around Berlin to challenge the more advanced and at the same time to encourage beginners. As a living example of transformation, he believes that age and history are unimportant and that with patience and regular practice, anyone can become flexible, strong and fit.