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Covid-19. We encourage visitors to take a test before coming to our studio, especially if they will attend a class in which they will be in close contact with other students (for example, acroyoga or MMA). Please make the health and well-being of your fellow classmates your top priority, and stay home if you feel unwell or have had close contact with someone with Covid-19. Our studio is equipped with hand disinfectant and soap, and we routinely clean and wipe down all common surfaces.

Amenities. Our studio is equipped with all the equipment you will need for class (yoga mats, blocks, straps, crash mats, weights, etc.), but you are always welcome to bring your own if you prefer. We also have plenty of space to store your belongings in the lobby and changing areas, so we do ask you to keep your personal effects to a minimum in the studio spaces. After class, feel free to relax for a bit in our lobby area with some snacks and drinks.

Consent. By their nature, some of our classes will require participants to come into close contact with one another. Please be mindful of the comfort level of your fellow students and respect their boundaries to ensure that all teamwork is based on mutual consent. We have a zero tolerance policy for harassment. We love FRIES.

Class reservations. All adult classes are offered as drop-in classes. To be guaranteed a spot, please book ahead via our booking page, Urban Sports Club, or ClassPass. If none of these options work for you, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

Be on time. Please arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your class starts to ensure all participants have enough time to check in. If it is your first visit to the studio, we recommend arriving earlier to acquaint yourself with the instructor and space. For open training sessions (jams), feel free to come by at any time during the open training hours.

Late arrivals. Instructors have the discretion to deny entry, without refund, to any student arriving past the scheduled start time of a class. As important safety instructions and warm ups are always covered at the beginning of class, we do this to prevent injury to you and others. Please note that instructors will not interrupt class or begin late to check you in.

No street shoes are permitted on the studio floor. We have storage space in the lobby area for shoes.