Body Movement Classes

Acro Dance

When the two universes of dance and acrobatics merge, magic happens. The fascination of never ending inversions, the indescribable sensation of continuous momentum and the brain-related growth of learning new movement patterns are reason enough to go experience dance acrobatics. Surprise yourself by learning movements that you thought you would never be able to do, enrich your movement vocabulary and experience the connection of strength, flexibility, and coordination all at once.

Wednesdays | 20:15-21:15 | Neukölln with Lukas. Auch auf Deutsch.
Saturdays | 11:15-12:15 | Neukölln with Lele. Auch auf Deutsch.

Floor Acrobatics & Dance Jam

This weekly movement jam is aimed at bridging the gap between the dance and acrobatics worlds, bringing together dancers and acrobats. We believe that both can learn a lot from each other, and move toward a more interdisciplinary understanding of pathways, fluidity, physics, and momentum.

Sundays | 18:00-21:00 | Neukölln with Lele. Auch auf Deutsch.

Flow Movement

This class aims to introduce you to the world of contemporary floorwork, movement, and floor acrobatics. It sums up different tools from disciplines such as contemporary dance, break dancing, and martial arts like aikido and capoeira. Find confidence in moving on the hard floor and gain knowledge to perform and create a flow.

Tuesdays | 20:15-21:30 | Wedding with Lele. Auch auf Deutsch.

Movement Play

When we play, we are fully in the present moment, in the zone. We learn, we adapt, we try, we understand, we feel. We experience the flow.

This class will be about exploring your body, its possibilities to move and your own strength — without even knowing that you are exercising. There will be movement games, open research, music and silence, as well as elements from vinyasa yoga. We’ll start with more isolated movements around one topic and create a flow in the end. To finish you’ll get time in stillness to sense your movement practice.

Mondays | 19:15-20:30 | Wedding with Katharina. Auch auf Deutsch.

Sustainable Movement

This class is inspired by the Fighting Monkey practice (FM). Here you will explore physical movement while you engage in practical exercises and delve into the fundamental principles and concepts of human motion through games, coordination, and joints articulation. Together, we will follow a new perspective on enhancing coordination, flexibility, and strength through a redefined approach. You will be invited to embrace yourself in a sustainable practice that goes beyond physicality, allowing the expressive power of your movement to permeate all aspects of life.

FM practice is developed by founders Jozef Frucek and Linda Kapetanea through a deep study of cross motion analysis, and with the aim of understanding principles of human movement, communication and the ageing process.

Mondays | 20:30-22:00 | Neukölln with Jorge. Auch auf Deutsch.