Self-Defense & Martial Arts Classes

Yin & Yang Self-Defense

Do you want to learn how to protect yourself in a peaceful setup? In these sessions Mert will guide you through sharp self-defence techniques, strength and mindfulness.

After each training, he closes his sessions with a meditation that varies among breathwork, affirmation, and gong practices. With the physical part of the session you will feel strong; with the technical part you will feel confident and the closing meditation will make you feel safe and happy.

Yin & Yang Self-Defense is about balance and combining opposite but interconnected forces when it comes to training.

Mondays | 20:30-21:45 | Neukölln with Mert. Auch auf Deutsch.
Fridays | 19:45-21:00 | Wedding with Mert. Auch auf Deutsch.

Krav Maga

As a reality-oriented self-defense system, the Israeli Krav Maga (“contact combat” in Hebrew) offers pragmatic solutions for all conceivable attack and threat situations by one or more unarmed or armed perpetrators, not only to defend oneself but also third parties. The system is reflex-based, with adaptable and effective techniques. Through continuous repetition of techniques, practical exercises, sparring and situational training in realistic environments, the skills learned are deepened and automated so that they can be called up quickly, even in stressful situations. Regardless of age, gender or physical ability, Krav Maga can be learned very quickly compared to other systems and does not require any special previous knowledge.

Mondays | 20:30-22:00 | Wedding with Evolution Gym. Auch auf Deutsch.
Fridays | 18:00-19:30 | Wedding with Evolution Gym. Auch auf Deutsch.