Beginners Acroyoga Workshop

Saturday, 10 July, 11:00-13:00
25€ per person / 40€ per duo

Forget doing yoga on a mat…do yoga on a friend!

Come join us for an afternoon of acroyoga – learn to lift others up and be lifted! Acroyoga combines the mindfulness of yoga with the power of acrobatics, connecting two (or more!) people in a playful way. By moving together through poses to create beautiful flows, we learn how to build trust, form connections, and reach new heights with each other. Acroyoga also promotes strength, flexibility, balance and spatial awareness—a truly challenging workout that you can enjoy with friends!

This workshop will cover the fundamentals of acroyoga to give you confidence to tackle more advanced skills. We will introduce techniques for the three main roles in acroyoga (base, flyer and spotter), practice some not-your-everyday-basic poses, and cool down with some partner-assisted therapeutics.

This workshop is best suited for first-timers and those who may have had some training but would like a more technical introduction. Come alone or with a partner and make new friends!