To Podsechka & Beyond! Acrobatics Workshop with Constantin & Johanna

Samstag, 03. Dezember 2022
10:30-12:30 Uhr Basics
14:00-16:00 Uhr Advanced

25€ per session / 40€ for both

Tired of jumping into a hand-to-hand? Getting too lazy to climb to the shoulders? Let’s just start from the ground up with an inlocate (i.e. podsechka)! In this workshop, we will refine our techniques for this popular entry into h2h to make it smooth and have a solid foundation for further skills. We will train drills to improve efficiency and gain understanding as to what works for us individually and together, and why. For those who are ready, the advanced portion will introduce relatives and variations to inlocates, such as inlocates to extended h2h, relocates (reverse podsechka), straddle seats, and calf pops.


Basics: Must be able to base or fly a 10-second standing h2h without walking.

Advanced: Should have had some successful tries with inlocates already (maybe in the first part of the workshop!). We recommend attending the basics part of the workshop, which will cover important drills.

USC members can receive a 5€ discount with a booking through the USC app (please email us to let’s know which part of the workshop you’re attending! The remainder of the payment can be made on the day of the workshop).