Acro Workshops: Flows & Pops with Dina & John

Samstag, 15. Januar, 10:30-13 Uhr (Flow) & 14:30-17 Uhr (Pops)
Saturday, 15 January, 10:30a.m. – 1p.m. (Flow) & 2:30-5p.m. (Pops)

25€ per person per workshop / 40€ per duo OR both workshops

Join us for 2×2,5 hours of acroyoga flows and pops, with some jam time between and after. These workshops are perfect for beginners and intermediates looking to polish their skills!

Pre-requisites: Knowledge of bird, throne, whale, side star, star

No partner necessary; we will work in groups of 3-4.

2G+ rules apply. Please bring proof of vaccination/recovery and an official same-day negative test.

Workshop 1: Flow

In this beginner-friendly workshop we will use basic acro elements as a jumping-off point to move between positions and create a flow. The class will be offered on a sliding skill-level scale; the flow can be made more challenging with pops or by using fewer hands/feet for certain poses/transitions. We will also discuss and help partners work on how to make flows more smooth and confident using the specific flow as a practice case.

Workshop 2: Pops

This workshop will review the basic principles of pops and then introduce some fun ways to work with pops beyond the basics of bird-throne-whale. Specifically, we will work on cartwheel pops with and without hands, bird to back bird, star to bat/bat to star, and bird to and from reverse star. For more advanced participants, we will have a few more tricks ready to make sure we can offer you a challenge.